Thursday, May 29, 2014

Herman Miller Chairs Review

Herman Miller Chairs are better than other ergonomic chairs. This is a bold statement considering there are many otherbrands but until you've sat on one, you will not understand. The Miller chairsare made from a combination of innovative materials to give it the strength, flexibilityand simplicity of the perfect chair.
The Herman Miller Chairs are ergonomic and allows you to sit naturally and erect on the chair, fitting the natural curvature of your spine. You won't have to experience that bent forward feeling that can lead to hunchbacks. I don't know about you but after sitting in a regular chair for an hour, I already feel like my blood is pooling and I need to get it moving again. With the Herman Miller Chair, I feel more relaxed and energetic. I think it's because this chair doesn't cut off blood circulation like other chairs.
Herman Miller Chairs

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame - with PostureFit - Carbon Classic (Large)
Amazon Price: $899.00
List Price: $1,346.00

So aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, they are not your clunky pieces of furniture. They compliment rooms and give it a zenful aura. The chairs are a piece of art you can physically experience. With their air holes, the Herman Miller Chairs are well ventilated. Most chairs made of leather or with cotton padding get quite hot after an hour of sitting. Miller chairs are not suffocating. They are open and free so there is plenty of room between the armrests and seat. The wheels on the Herman Miller chairs are smooth and can be easily moved around rooms. You can glide across most surfaces on this chair.
The Herman Miller Chair initially takes some time for you to adjust everything to fit your natural curves on your body. You want to make sure the padding is in the right places and your buttocks are firmly in place. There are plenty of adjustable knobs on this chair to move in every single direction. This is like a piano that needs tuning but once tuned, you will hear beautiful music. Before you purchase one, make sure to get right size, small, regular and large.
Other chairs are waiting for you to fit a mold into the seating. You can call this type, a passive chair. Herman Miller Chairs are more active in the sense; you have to adjust for height, arm positioning and tension. The manual is a must read since most people don't immediately figure out all the settings.

Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Polished Aluminum Frame - Leather Arms - PostureFit Lumbar - Blue-Black Tuxedo Size B (Medium)
Amazon Price: $1,205.00

Back view of Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Do you always lean back on your chairs, only to topple over? Herman Miller chairs will provide great back support. You can lean back on this and it will not topple back unlike other chairs. You don't have to worry much about weight either.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
Amazon Price: $129.42
List Price: $360.00
  Angled View of Herman Miller Chair
The Miller Chairs can support quite a heavy load. I have had friends who weighed over 300 pounds and the Herman Miller Chair supported their weight like a champ. I expected the chair to buckle a bit under the weight but it replaced in place. They also said they could fall asleep on this chair. Others have said, they felt like there were floating in the chair. It was that comfortable!

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller - Basic - Graphite Frame - Graphite
Amazon Price: $639.00
List Price: $907.00
 Everyone should go to the nearest office supply or chair store and test it for yourself. I can honestly say I've never felt a more comfortable chair. You truly get what you pay for. Herman Miller Chairs are backed by a long lifetime warranty and are quite sturdy. The chairs are perfect for anyone who has to sit in their seats for long periods at a time. Video editors, programmers, office workers, gamers and internet enthusiasts will love this chair.

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